Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Code Hero meets its Kickstarter goal

Not all that long ago, I reviewed an early beta build of Code Hero, a game that teaches players programming languages, currently under development by Primer Labs.  At the time that I reviewed the game, Code Hero beta seemed pretty rough around the edges, but it wasn't without potential.  However, I worried that in order for Code Hero to become the game it promises to be, it would need a lot of work.  Now, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $170,000 for the developers,  Code Hero may finally become that great game.

A few days prior to the Kickstarter success, I had the opportunity to point the game's lead developer, Alex Peake to my earlier review.  I felt slightly bad about having had little positive to say about the early build, but Peake took the criticisms in stride, and wrote, "I am grateful that you put into detailed words and analysis most of the things we are unhappy with about that version too. We're in the process of redesigning most everything we(mostly I) did then due to my limitations in skill and time, which is why we haven't spent more time "polishing" the way things work in this version. We'd rather give you something awesome next that is a departure from it than tweak it!"  Needless to say, now that Code Hero is getting an infusion of crowd-sourced funding, I truly hope that Alex and his team will be able to breathe new life into the game. to an update on the Kickstarter site, Code Hero's next version will say goodbye to the programmer art and the game code itself will be re-written by a larger team of programmers.

Stay tuned here for any new updates and developments, and keep an eye on the Code Hero website.  Below you can watch an official game trailer based on the current beta build.

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