Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Extra Life marathon

The 2012 marathon is now over. I indeed managed to go for the full 24 hours and thanks to many wonderful supporters, we raised $535 for the CMN Hospitals. Amazing! Thank you to everyone who made donations, watched  the stream, played games with me, brought much needed food, and cheered me on. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!

You may or may not have noticed that little red thermometer in the  sidebar on the right recently.  You know, the one that says Extra Life Charity Fundraiser?

Starting at 8am on Saturday, October 20th, yours truly will begin my epic journey through dry-eyes, sore thumbs, sleep deprivation, and, in all likelihood, total delirium, all in an effort to raise a little money for some really sick kids.

Here's how it works: you make pledges, then I stay up for 24 hours and play video games, and the result is that sick kids at a Children's Miracle Network hospital get a little more of a fighting chance as a result of your donations. 

I know that when some people perform feats of physical endurance in the name of charity, they do crazy things like run 26.2 miles.  But if I tried to do something like that, it would undoubtedly kill me (as it did the world's first marathon runner, let us not forget). But while running isn't exactly my forte, I dare say that enduring 24+ hours of sleeplessness with my eyes glued to a video game is just the kind of physical feat at which I excel. And thanks to Extra Life, I am at last able to leverage one of my greatest strengths in the name of goodness and light and all that jazz.

Please, join me in the effort to make some really sick kids' lives a little bit brighter.  Make a pledge now and cheer me on on October 20 via the live chat and video stream.

UPDATE: And we're live!!

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