Monday, December 17, 2012

Kickstarter funds dry up for Code Hero

Extreme Makeover: Code Hero edition. 
Although I admit that I was not overly impressed with Code Hero when I played the first alpha build, I had hopes that the money developer Alex Peake received from his successful Kickstarter campaign would really help to breathe new life into the project.  And indeed, the signs that Peake and his team have been working hard on improving the game are evident in the more recent builds. But, as of right now, the future isn't looking all that bright for Code Hero--news just hit that the project has officially run out of cash.

Peake says that the project will continue forward, although development is now being done on a volunteer basis. I'm hazarding a guess that Code Hero has been and always will be a labor of love for Mr. Peake. While there's no saying how rapidly the game will progress now that their cash flow has dried up, hopefully this isn't going to be game over for Code Hero.

Via Gamasutra.

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