Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gamers Doing Good: The 2013 Extra-Life Charity Gaming Marathon

It's that time of year again! Extra-Life, the awesome organization that brings gamers from around the U.S. together to make social change through playing video games, is right around the corner.

Extra Life Gaming Marathon 2013
It's not every day that gamers get to be real-life heroes, but the ExtraLife Charity Marathon gives us just that opportunity. 

Every year since 2008, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals have been getting a helping hand from gamers across the U.S and beyond as we participate in our own unique kind of charity marathon. Combining our love for gaming with our reputation for copious amounts of caffeine consumption -- we gamers play games for 24 hours straight, and our non-gaming allies make pledges to sponsor our efforts.

The winners in all this? Undoubtedly, it's the 32 million children helped every year by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Whether it's a broken bone that needs to be set or long-term treatments for leukemia or birth defects, CMN Hospitals are there to help kids regardless of their family's ability to pay. And now gamers are stepping up to help these hospitals continue to provide outstanding care to those who need it most.

Last year, ExtraLifers managed to raise over $2.8 million, and this year, we're hoping to do even better. The 2013 gaming marathon officially begins at 8am, Saturday, November 2nd and ends 25 hours later (the extra hour is thanks to daylight savings time).

If you're a gamer, this is the perfect opportunity to play games and be a hero. Sign up for ExtraLife today and start gathering pledges! It's free to register, and you'll be converting all that time on the couch into a bone fide social good.

Not a gamer, but still interested in helping out?  Sponsor a gamer! If you don't know anyone who's playing, you can make a donation through brainsforgames. See that little red thermometer in the sidebar on the right side of this page? That's my Extra-Life fundraising chart. Last year, with lots of help from my friends, I was able to raise $535 for Extra-Life, but I'm always looking to do better. Make a pledge now and watch that line move closer to meeting this year's goal. Then come back to brainsforgames on November 2nd and watch me video stream all 25 hours of my marathon.

100% of the funds raised goes directly to the hospitals and all donations are tax-deductible. What are you waiting for? Play games, heal kids!

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